If you feel you are in need of a little bit of a de-stress, then contact me for details of a soothing Indian head massage in Biggin Hill or neighbouring areas.

Indian Head Massage Biggin HillA wonderful, stress relieving, non-intrusive, fully clothed, back, head, neck and shoulder massage.
Why not let me into your work place, during your lunch or tea break, and try this wonderful treatment for yourself?
Enjoy ten, twenty or thirty minutes of bliss – it’s up to you!
Experience the benefits of an Indian head massage – feel relaxed, de-stressed and energised.

Back and neck bliss (ten minutes) – £10
Back, neck, shoulder and head massage bliss (twenty minutes) – £20
De-stress bliss (thirty minutes) – £30

To make your arrangements for an Indian head massage, contact me HERE, or call me on 0774 7021500.