For private and effective aromatherapy in Biggin Hill and the surrounding areas, please contact me here at Beverley Therapies.

Aromatherapy Biggin HillAromatherapy is the art of using essential plant oils that are distilled from certain herbs and plants. It is a truly holistic therapy – it takes into account the mind, body and spirit of the person seeking help, as well as their lifestyle, relationships, eating patterns and so on, in order to improve their well-being.

I select the oils for each individual person, blending them in precise ratios to give the most effective combinations. I choose either sweet almond oil, grape seed oil or evening primrose as a base oil – whatever suits your skin type.

Combining the correct combinations of essential oils with an aromatherapy massage will improve your well-being and enhance the way you feel – to soothe or invigorate, warm or cool, stimulate or calm.
Conditions that benefit from aromatherapy include anxiety, tension, stress, worry, headaches, migraine, restlessness, tiredness, digestive complaints, dry skin, skin problems and many, many more.

Aromatherapy massage (one hour) – £60

Back, neck and shoulder massage (half an hour) – £30

For individual problems and to restore balance to whole body.

To book your calm, healing aromatherapy session, please contact me HERE, or call me on 0774 7021500.