A period of total relaxation

Reduced aches and pains

Release of muscle tension

Less fatigue

Improved sleep

Stress reduction

Reduces nausea

Reduces anxiety and depression

Massage therapy for cancer treatment works by using stroking, kneading and pressing the soft tissue of the body.  The aim is to have you mentally and physically relaxed.  Massage for cancer patients may concentrate on the muscles, the soft tissue or the acupuncture points.  The massage technique is soft and gentle and with the combined energy or crystals and the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy essential oils, which bring balance, harmony and well-being, have an effect on the patients nerve endings and help release endorphins which help provide relief for cancer symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety.  You will be left feeling deeply relaxed.

Cancer Patients who have had massages have reported a wide range of positive outcomes such as improved


Quality of life

Mental clarity and alertness

Range of movement


General well-being

(*Always check with your Oncology Consultant or team to make sure a massage is acceptable for you and your specific situation)




Offer open to anyone booking between 2nd – 14th April


Call now to book your Easter treatment.

Beverley:  07747021500


I have been working with people who have experienced cancer or who are experiencing cancer for several years.  I am now introducing ‘Balanced Body & Mind’ massage therapy treatment, designed specifically for anyone experiencing cancer.

This therapeutic massage includes the use of healing crystals and essential oils, chosen and blended for their therapeutic qualities, chemical properties and energetic properties.

If you would like to find out more about Oncology Balanced Body & Mind massage, please call me

Beverley  on: 07747021500




Sunday 26th March 2017

How would your Mum like to have her feet ‘treated’ in the comfort of her own sitting room?  Let me make her feet look and feel better with a fabulous Luxury Foot Treatment.

Book it today for your Mum.

She deserves it.

Call me now.   Beverley on:   07747021500

GIFTS FOR MOTHER’S DAY – Sunday 26th March 2017

What better gift for your mum than a little piece of pampering!  Why not buy her a Voucher with me, for a therapeutic  treatment of her choice, such as a Face The World Facial, or a pampering Pedicure or a deeply relaxing Aromatherapy massage or Reflexology treatment.

Every Mothering Sunday Voucher given will include a FREE GIFT for your mum when she comes for her treatment.

Hello my friends.

How many times have we commented  ‘I don’t have enough time’?

Not enough time for exercise, to cook healthy meals for yourself or for a much deserved therapeutic treatment.  You may feel overwhelmed, over tired and out of control.  So, how can you change you relationship with time for the better?  We all have the same amount of time but choose to spend it differently. Don’t allow any feelings of guilt to be the reason to neglect yourself, this only leaves yo feeling unfulfilled.  Don’t ignore your  own needs.

You deserve to allocate time to exercise – this will re-energise you and help keep you feeling alive.

Your body deserves nutritious meals to keep it functioning at its best.

You deserve regular therapeutic treatments which help you to relax both physically and mentally, help balance your body, aid in boosting your immune system by stimulating the bodies own healing mechanism, relieves stress. stimulates your bodies organs to work efficiently and detox the body and boosts your energy levels.


It is time to start the year the way you mean to continue – by looking after yourself and your well-being.

Book in for an Aromatherapy Massage or a Reflexology Treatment or a ‘Face The World Facial’ during January and receive a second for HALF PRICE.  By having a regular therapeutic treatment you will feel good, it will help keep your mind and body energised, your immune system will be stimulated, your energy levels will be boosted and you will have something to look forward to!   A great way to begin the year and to continue throughout the year.

Call now on:


OR email me:



2016 is drawing to an end and here is my last newsletter for the year.

Time to pause and reflect on everything we might have experienced and accomplished over the past year.  For me it has been a busy and amazing year and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my newsletters and also to say thank you to everyone who has visited me – or me visit them – for treatments this year and over the past few years.

My new website was launched this year, along with my new face book page which is linked, which I hope you have enjoyed and found informative.

Wishing everyone a very happy festive season and a peaceful,  joyful and healthy 2017.


Beverley x

TODAY IS DAY 14 of the Advent Calendar

11 days to go and counting until the big HO HO HO of Christmas Day.

Why not take some time out for yourself and arrange for a home visit from me

for an Aromatherapy massage or Reflexology treatment or a Facial.

Relieve the stresses of every day life and the build up to Christmas.


It seems that the majority of us consider spending time on ourselves – half an hour to one hour a week/fortnight or month

for a massage treatment, reflexology therapy treatment or a facial, something of a luxury, only to be had as an indulgent treat for a birthday or whilst on holiday.

These therapeutic treatments help relax our bodies and minds, lowers anxiety, boost the immune system, relieve pain and much more.

Why do we wait until we are ill or in pain before starting to take care of our bodies?

Maintaining our health, through good diet, regular exercise, enough rest, plus regular therapeutic treatments, are all preventative measures against ill health and pain.

We have the most amazing, wonderful bodies, that carry us through our lives.  Our good  health is imperative in order that we can enjoy our lives and investing in regular therapeutic massage treatments is time and money well spent, plus an enormous pleasure.



FOR YOURSELF FOR HALF PRICE! – to be used in January 2016.



….that massage, acupressure and the balance of our bodies energy flow have been practiced and perfected around the globe for at least 5000 years?  These ancient treatments have stood the test of time for a reason – they work!

In simple terms, it was discovered that the kneading, pressing, stroking and/or careful manipulation of muscles and meridian energy points could alleviate not only pain but many diseases throughout the body. (ref.

Benefits of Massage:

Helps beat PMS

Helps sufferers of soft tissue pain

Helps treat side effects of cancer

Helps cut down on migraines

Helps reduce pain from exercise

Helps make you look younger                                 (ref.  Readers Digest)

Balance  negative energy and flow of chi

Improve sleep and feeling of well-being

Ease stress and feelings of anxiety

Improve skin oxygen levels and lymphatic flow  (



In the same way you would massage a tender shoulder or achy back, your face muscles need the same TLC. Just as the rest of your body requires regular exercise to keep looking younger, so too does your facial muscles – which work just as hard as the rest of the muscles in your body.  Face Massage relieves tension in the muscles of the face so helps prevent wrinkles from forming.  Face Massage increases blood and oxygen flow to the soft lines around the mouth, eyes and brow, which have anti-aging benefits, leaving skin looking fresher and younger.

Face Massage will take you to a blissful state of relaxation.  As well as boosting circulation Face Massage will stimulate the lymphatic vessels  to aid in elimination of toxins from the facial area so nutrients can travel in and add vitality to a dull complexion and leave your skin glowing.  Your skin tone and muscle tone will improve and you will feel relief from stress, neck tension and headache.

Face Massage decreases anxiety and helps improve negative moods (according to a study conducted by the USER SCIENCE INSTITUTE)  A therapeutic Face Massage can help relieve allergy symptoms such as sinus congestion, resulting in puffiness and headaches, by helping improve drainage.

Face Massage is incorporated in FACE THE WORLD Facials.  Also consider a FACE REJUVENATION MASSAGE.

THERAPIES – Why you deserve a regular Therapeutic treatment

Life can be tough!

We, as a generalisation, don’t allow ourselves enough time to relax and unwind and  as a result can become run-down or unwell.  My aim and intention, in all the therapies I do, is to relax, de-stress and help my clients feel good about themselves.

An Aromatherapy massage, using essential oils personally selected and blended to suit each individuals needs, is for anyone needing some personal time, are over-stressed, who may be recovering from an illness or may be frail.  Aromatherapy may be for you.

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy which will restore balance to the body so improve the clients general well-being.

Beauty Therapies, from a FTW facial (Face The World), using pure and simple FTW products which don’t contain any known ‘nasties’, which will cleanse, nourish and enrich your skin, plus  you will receive a face massage and a choice of a head or hand or foot massage to complete a relaxing, de-stressing treatment,        to a Manicure or Pedicure both of which will condition and nourish your hands or feet and include a relaxing massage.

All these treatments and therapies are designed for the clients to have a moment to ‘step off the tread-mill’ and take time out for themselves to  enjoy, relax and un-wind.


There are ten energy zones that run the length of the body from head to toe – five on each side of the body, ending in each foot and running down the arms into the tips of the fingers.  The zones run length wise and pass through the body, so the zones located on the front of the body can also be reached from behind.  All the organs and parts of the body lie along one or more of these zones.  Each zone can be considered a channel for life energy.  By stimulating or ‘working’ any zone in the foot, by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers, affects the entire zone throughout the body.  For example, working a zone on the foot along which the kidneys lie, will release vital energy that may be blocked somewhere else in that zone, such as the eyes.  Working the kidney reflex area on the foot will therefore revitalize and balance the entire zone and improve functioning of the organ.

Good health depends on balance.  Excessive stress disrupts this balance.

Reflexology alleviates the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation, allowing the nervous system to calm down and function more normally so aiding a sense of well-being on all levels.

Energy pathways are opened up.  Order and harmony are restored.  The body is normalized as the 7 centres – known in Eastern medicine as chakras, are unblocked. The body returns to its natural rhythms.   Energy flows.  The body,  mind and spirit are brought back into balance.


WORLD REFLEXOLOGY WEEK – 19th – 25th September 2016

Book to come to me,  between 19th – 25th September 2016 inclusive, for a Reflexology treatment  for the reduced price of £30.

Activate the healing powers of your body.

Contact me now to book your Reflexology treatment during World Reflexology Week.


MIND & BODY THERAPY – for £30.00

There is still time to take advantage of my August Offer for a Mind & Body Therapy treatment for the reduced price of £30.  For the month of August only.

Perhaps the most relaxing and therapeutic treatment you will ever experience.  Mind & Body Therapy is a dynamic therapy which combines the benefits of hypnotherapy with a specially designed therapeutic massage.  You will experience a wonderful deep state of relaxation whilst receiving a massage which is synchronised with the recorded words of Christopher Morgan-Locke, one of the UK’s top Medical Hypnotherapist, which you will listen to through a set of head phones.

Please contact me for more information and to book in and take advantage of  August Special Offer of £30 for a Mind & Body Therapy treatment.


We are not at the start of the summer holiday season which is also the time of year when there are biting insects around.  Preventing being bitten is fairly straightforward and a far better option than trying to ‘cure’ the ‘bite’. Use lemongrass or citronella – used in a diffuser inside, or outside burn a candle infused with either of these oils, to keep insects away.  Alternatively, fill  a small container with hot water, put a couple of drops of lemongrass, citronella,  lavender, thyme, or peppermint on the surface of the water and place by the window or where the insects may enter your room.

To deter insects from landing on your skin, as a general rule, use lavender.  – Mix 2 drops of lavender in 1 dessertspoon of  vegetable oil such as almond oil, and smooth onto skin, for a body rub or simply add a drop of neat lavender to any lotion or cream you may have.  Use before going out in the evening or before bed, on all the exposed parts of your skin.

Overnight try putting 2 drops of essential oil on a cotton bud or tissue and leave somewhere near your bed.

Avoid  perfume as this often attracts unwanted biting insects.

Happy Summer to you all !!



One of the wonderful things about using essential oils, both cosmetically and medically, is that they enter and leave the body leaving no toxins behind  The most effective way to use essential oils is by external application via massage using oil,  compresses,  baths and lotions, or inhalation by steam, room sprays etc.



RLD aims to stimulate the function of the Lymphatic System and drain excess lymph from the damaged area – where surgery has been performed.  RLD is an award winning reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet.  The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body.  It is a unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay BSc(Hon), whilst working in Cancer Care.  The results appear to support the theory of reflexology.



Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, top and sides of the feet correspond to different areas of the body.  In this way the feet can be seen as a ‘map’ of the body.  By applying a specialised massage technique to specific reflex points – using thumbs, fingers and knuckles – the aim of a reflexology treatment is to help restore balance to the body naturally and improve the clients general well-being.  Reflexology Lymph Drainage works specifically on the lymphatic reflex points aiming to stimulate the function of the Lymphatic System and drain excess lymph, thereby reducing swollen areas of the body where the lymph has collected, such as fingers, wrists, arms, legs and ankles.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – MLD  – is used to treat many conditions and Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) may be used similarly.

MLD and RLD may be useful with the following conditions:

Arthritis                                                     Asthma

Aches and pains                                       Eczema

Chronic Fatigue                                       Fibromyalgia

Lymphoedema                                         ME

Muscle Tension                                        Migraine

Headaches                                                  Sinus Problems

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

WAYS TO CLEANSE YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM – Our Lymphatic system is our bodies waste collecting and waste disposal system.  Because the Lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart, it relies on physical movement of the body.  There are several ways we can help activate our Lymphatic system.

  1.  Dry rough sponge or brushing the skin, every day to stimulate the skin and generate movement of the lymph through the lymphatic system.
  2. Exercise is the most direct way to move and clean the Lymphatic system and rebounding is one of the best exercises to activate the Lymphatic system,
  3. Alternate the water from hot to cold in your daily shower.  One minute warm and one minute cold for a total of five minutes ending with cold.  This generates pumping of the lymph through the Lymphatic system.

MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE  – MLD – is a very gentle technique which, by moving the skin and pumping rhythmically in the direction of the lymph flow, helps the lymph to flow and collect on its journey, waste products and reduce fluid retention and lymphoedema.  It has been sited as beneficial for those with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME); pre and post surgery including Vaso Lipo; breast masectomy; fibromyalgia; recurring illness; infections and stress.

WAXING HAIR REMOVAL  – Using Lycon Wax, formulated with the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy, delivering superior results, removing stubborn hair as short as 1 mm, like no other.  Lycon wax is used at low temperature, is pliable and gentle and provides a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra client comfort, even on the most sensitive skin.


REFLEXOLOGY can help you relax, de-stress and unwind

AROMATHERAPY combining massage with an essential oil can help your body to relax, re-focus and re-energise

FACE THE WORLD FACIAL  will nourish and enrich your skin and deeply relax your body and mind to enlighten your soul

FACE THE WORLD – FACIAL  – one of the most exclusive facial experiences the world has ever seen.  Designed to nourish and enrich your skin and deeply relax the body and mind to enlighten your soul.  This treatment includes cleansing, tone, exfoliation, face massage, mask – combined with a choice of either a head, hand or foot massage, concluding with a heavenly moisturise and an overnight skin-booster serum to be applied at home to maximise the effects of your facial treatment and extend your pampering experience.

Contact me for more information and to book an appointment for a treatment.

SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE – Back, neck and shoulder massage.

Take 10 – 15 minutes to de-stress.

Relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Relieve tension headaches.

Relieve lower back pain.

This non-intrusive, fully clothed treatment is an investment for busy, hard-working people.

Book me to come to your work place, to give you and your colleagues  a seated chair massage.

Feel Refreshed.

Feel more focused.

Feel more able to concentrate.

10 – 15 minute sessions for £10.

NATURAL FACE LIFT MASSAGE  restores skin suppleness by toneing the collagen and elastin fibres, allowing the connective tissue to regain its elasticity so skin looks younger.

  • Gentle repetitive targeted moves, calms and soothes so inducing a rapid relaxation response encouraging a feeling of positiveness so helping balance the body and reducing blood pressure
  • by systematically tightening and relaxing facial muscles this tones up and reduces muscle tension which
  • improves blood and lymph flow which feeds skin cells and removes waste thus helping regain a healthy appearance, which has
  • a direct effect on well-being by helping release emotional and physical stress.

MIND AND BODY THERAPY  is perhaps the most relaxing therapeutic treatments you will ever have.  Mind and Body Therapy is a dynamic therapy which combines the benefit of hypnotherapy with a specially designed therapeutic massage.  You will experience a wonderfully deep state of relaxation whilst receiving a massage which is synchronised with the recorded voice of Christopher Morgan-Locke one of the UK’s top Medical Hypnotherapists, through a set of headphones.  You will be in a wonderfully deep state of relaxation but will be fully aware of what is going on and can stop at anytime should you choose.

Please contact me for more information.

REFLEXOLOGY TO REMOVE STRESS – We live with stress in our every day lives.  In itself, stress is neither good nor bad, but becomes a problem when we fail to manage it well and the body’s defenses break down and we become susceptible to illness and disease.  It is estimated that 75% plus of all illness is related to stress.  Reflexology reduces stress by generating deep, tranquil relaxation, that helps the body balance itself and allow healing energy to flow gently and smoothly throughout.

REFLEXOLOGY  is a method for activating the healing powers of the body.  Touching our feet is not something we ordinarily do, other than when washing or dressing.  Most of us live busy lives that have very little time for just relaxing and ‘being’.  Reflexology can provide a quiet island in the course of each day where we can stop and renew ourselves before returning to our busy worlds with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Reflexology can be the first step in discovering other ways to live a happier, healthier life.  So, take the first step to discover a new way to relax, destress and unwind and renew your energy and enthusiasm.

AROMATHERAPY  uses the natural aromatic essences or oil extracted from many parts of wild or cultivated plants, including the root, bark, flowers or leaves.  Oils come from spices and seeds too.  Fruit such as lemon and vegetables such as carrot and celery also produce essential oils, and some oils, such as bergamot, myrrh and frankincense are oils distilled from tree resins.  Each oil consists of many organic constituents which unite to produce a wide range of therapeutic qualities.

Aromatherapy may be thought of as a mere beauty massage treatment but,  in actual fact  the use of plants to cure disease is as old as the human race.  Combining essential oils with a carrier oil such as grapeseed or almond oil and massaging into the skin, will activate the nerve endings and stimulate the circulation of the blood to the surface of the skin and thereby aid in absorption of the oils into the body.

Pamper Days

We all deserve some pampering and a lovely way to do this is with a group of friends, to celebrate a birthday, Christmas, a Hen-Do, or just to celebrate friendship.  Get a group together – between two and four is good to ensure your chosen treatments can all be fitted in.  Choose which treatments  you would all like and give me a call to arrange an appointment for me to come to you.

Please call me with any queries about treatments and timing.

Oncology Massage

There is evidence following research that adapted massage for cancer patients has many benefits.  Some of the benefits include reduced anxiety and stress levels, reduced depression, pain and nausea; improved sleep quality and quality of life.

Every client receiving an oncology massage will have the treatment adapted to suit their needs.

Please contact me for more information.


How could Manual Lymph Drainage help you?

Do you know what Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is?

MLD is a gentle technique which, by moving the skin and pumping rhythmically in the direction of the lymph flow, stimulates the lymph capillaries to collect and remove waste products from the body, helping reduce fluid retention and lymphoedema.

MLD is also beneficial for ME – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Fibromyalgia, Vaser Lipo, pre and post surgery, recurring illness and infections, and stress.

If any of these conditions apply to you, you could benefit greatly from an MLD treatment.

APRIL 2016


Both treatments have multiple benefits, both physically and mentally. Pre and Post Operative cases, in particular where lymph nodes have been removed, such as post cancer where lymphatic system is impaired in some way.

Are you feeling in need of a boost to your immune system?
OR do you feel in need of some deep relaxation to recharge your energy?
Call me on 07747021500 or email me:
I look forward to hearing from you.



22nd to 28th September 2014


With me in my treatment room, during World Reflexology Week.
Call now to book a half price REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT during 22nd and 28th September, 2014.

Experience relaxation, stress relief, improved circulation, boost your immune system and energy levels with Reflexology.

Call me now on 07747021500 or email:

Face-The-World Facials are now here

The feed back has been amazing. The products have more than impressed my existing clients and new clients who have now experienced the Face-The-World Facials are equally impressed.

“My skin feels so fresh and clean and healthy – positively ‘tingling’.”
“My skin feels so soft.”
“The products feel and smell wonderful.”

These are just some of the comments made from clients following their Face-The-World facials.

I am very excited to introduce into my Therapies the wonderful ‘Face The World’ Revolutionising Facial Massage.

The products are amazing – please go to website to find out all about the products.

For this month of May only I would like to offer as an introduction to Face the World, Book 2 Face The World Facials and get the 2nd half price. One treatment usually costs £45.00 the second Facial treatment will be £22.50.

I look forward to showing you this wonderful treatment and the fabulous products.

COMING SOON – ‘FACE THE WORLD’ A Revolutionising Facial Massage. Beauty for Soul & Skin Combined

***********TO BE LAUNCHED IN MAY 2014*************

Face The World is a unique, holistic facial experience designed to nourish your skin and enlighten your soul.

I will be introducing these wonderful new products combined with the unique Face The World holistic facial experience.

Visit to find out more about the Face The World journey and the products to be introduced.

All the Face The World products have been developed especially to create a truly luxurious result-driven facial experience. They contain natural ingredients, are completely free from parabens and have been developed responsibly without animal testing or animal products. Suitable for all skin types, Face The World products have a unique combination of both traditional and cutting edge ingredients.


Designed for finer hairs on the face, bikini and underarms.

All 100% natural. Extremely low allergy.

50% reduction in sensation due to pre-waxing oil which sits on the skin to form a barrier, which means the wax is not being pulled with the skin, which is what hurts, it is only gripping to the hair. AND the hair only needs to be 1mm long.
So, its time to prepare for the sunshine and summery clothes. Get ready for summer. Book in now for your bikini line and underarm waxing.


Have you been fighting off a cold or flu virus and now find yourself with blocked sinuses, reduced hearing, blocked nose, earache and headache and feeling stressed?

HOPI EARCANDLES are wonderful for easing all these symptoms, inducing a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinus.

This treatment takes about 30 minutes and costs just £16.00.
Call me or email me for an appointment and try for yourself.
Call me today for an appointment.

REFLEXOLOGY is a method for activating the healing powers of the body.  Touching our feet is not something we ordinarily do, other than when washing or dressing.  Most of us live busy lives that have very little time for just relaxing and ‘being’.  Reflexology can provide a quiet island in the course of each day where we can stop and renew ourselves before returning to our busy worlds, with more energy and enthusiasm.  Reflexology can be the first step to discovering other ways to live a happier, healthier life. So,  take the first step to discover a new way to relax, de-stress and unwind and renew your energy and enthusiasm.

REFLEXOLOGY is a method for activating the healing powers of the body.  Touching the feet is not something we ordinarily do, other than when washing or dressing.  Most of us live busy lives that have very little time for just relaxing and ‘being’.  Reflexology can provide a quiet island in the course of each day where we can stop and renew ourselves, before returning to our busy worlds with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Reflexology can be the first step in discovering other ways to live a happier healthier life.  So, take the first step to discover a new way to relax, destress and unwind and renew your energy and enthusiasm.